Project Overview 

PetaJakarta.org is an applied research project led by the SMART Infrastructure Facility, in collaboration with BPBD DKI Jakarta and Twitter Inc. Additional data is supplied by Detik.com via Pasang Mata and Jakarta SmartCity via the Qlue application. The project is also supported by the SMART GeoSocial Intelligence Research Group and the SMART OSGeo Lab, with the goal of extending our knowledge of urban resilience. Our aim is to understand and promote the resilience of cities to both extreme weather events and to long-term infrastructure transformation as a process of climate adaptation.

PetaJakarta.org harnesses the power of social media to gather, sort, and display information about flooding for Jakarta residents in real time. The platform runs on the open source software CogniCity. This geosocial intelligence framework allows data to be collected and disseminated by residents through their location-enabled mobile devices to map flooding and water infrastructure in real-time.

For the live flood map, visit PetaJakarta.org and follow @petajkt for updates.


Project Team

Co-Directors & Co-Principal Investigators
Etienne Turpin PhD
Tomas Holderness PhD, CGeog

Matthew Berryman PhD
Rodney Clarke PhD
Sara Dean MArch, MScDesign
Olivia Dun PhD

Research Team
Alifa Rachmadia Putri, Office Coordinator
Mahardika Fadmastuti, Geographic Research Coordinator
Fitria Sudirman, Media Coordinator
Robert Ogie, Database Coordinator
Selera Labs, Web Developer
Frank Sedlar, Visiting Researcher (STEM Fulbright Fellow)
Christina Geros, Visiting Researcher (NatGeo Fulbright Fellow)
Nashin Mahtani, Project Architect
Ariel Shepherd, Community Liaison
Lucas Freeman, Senior Project Editor
Assalam Ali, Senior Researcher (Ph.D. Thesis)
Andrew Lim, Senior Researcher (Ph.D. Thesis)
Albert Yang, Data Analyst (M.Sc. Thesis)
William Ashford, Hydraulic Network Analyst (B.Sc. Thesis)
Tatyana Kusumo, Research Associate
Widya Ramadhani, Research Associate
Vjosana Shkurti, Video Artist

Partner Organizations
SMART Infrastructure Facility
Provinsi DKI Jakarta
BPBD DKI Jakarta
Twitter, Inc.

Funding Support
DM Innovation
Wahana Visi  / USAID
University of Wollongong Global Challenges Program
Australia—Indonesia Facility for Disaster Reduction (AIFDR)
Australian National Data Service

Research Partners
Center for Applied Geography, Universitas Indonesia
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team



General   info@petajakarta.org
Press       media@petajakarta.org

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